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"Brand for animals"

Brand for animals

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Width: 70;Height: 12;Length: 70;Every specialist understands that his primary task is to carry out zootechnical accounting. We are talking about special and proper marking of animals. Today, the most effective method in animal husbandry is branding. Brand for animals provides legibility and visibility of all the necessary signs on the skin of the animal. Moreover, such a brand should be noticeable even at a distance of up to 15 meters. While branding you must monitor the availability of reading numbers. The brand used to branding the animal shows the livestock complex, operational reliability and safety of the label. There are different versions of such brands for animals. They allow not only to track the animal itself, but also to control the process of breeding and selection. In cattle breeding, they use: metal earrings, synthetic tags, tattoos, earclips, hot and cold branding, collars, anklets and tail bracelets. But not only these types of brands can be called traditional. An electronic identification has become quite popular, due to the developed technologies and technical devices. It is especially popular in the industry of trade and transport logistics. Such a brand fits perfectly into modern agriculture. Branding with cold is also very popular. This brand is almost painless for animals. They do not feel discomfort and it claims to be a fairly effective system. After this branding, a hairline without pigmentation appears on the body. Compliance with marking standards ensures clear readability. And of course it is very important that such brands have a long term. Therefore, it is very important to find a company that can guarantee the quality of manufacturing brands. Well, accordingly, it is not profitable for any owner of a livestock farm to complete the tawing procedure for a lot of money. Therefore, in addition to the quality of the brand, our site does not offer a high cost.
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