Electric heater with voltage control for custom logo branding irons. 00-01022813 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Electric heater with voltage control for custom logo branding irons"

Electric heater with voltage control for custom logo branding irons

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Model: TR;
Power: 500 W;
Width: 250;
Height: 80;
Length: 450;
Thermostamp is equipped with thyristor voltage regulator and allows to smoothly change degree of clich? heating. The device solves two tasks at once - it does not allow the clich? to overheat and provides high repeatability of the result of operation.
It is suitable for stamping of various materials with high intensity of working process. Powerful < A href = e1c://tempstamp.ru/nagrevateli/zapchasti-k-nagrevatelyam/alyuminievaya-nagrevatelnaya-plastina.html > heating element provides heating up to 400 ° C for 10-15 minutes and high-quality burning with 10-15 minutes.
2 THENP 8х100 250W cartridge heaters installed
It is possible to install stamps not more than 110х70mm.
Note that in the case of frequent change of the material to be treated, working conditions or delicate surfaces, it is worth selecting < A href = https://tempstamp.ru/product/termoklejmo-s-cifrovym-regulyatorom.html > Thermal Terminal with Digital Controller .
< A href = https://tempstamp.ru/documents/TR2-500.pdf > TR Heater Operating Instructions .
< A href = https://tempstamp.ru/statya/16/ > How to select a heater for clich?
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