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"Typographic cliche"

Typographic cliche

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Width: 40;Length: 40;Recently, in the market of printing has been a growing demand for giving products an original and unique look. The individuality of the printed product not only increases its commercial success, but also reduces the risk of fakes. To achieve such goals, they use various methods of processing packaging and covers of printed goods. One such method is the typographic cliche . Typographic cliche deforms the surface of the paper, or, on the contrary, smoothes it. Such processes help to acquire surfaces with a unique appearance, highlighting it among all others. In the process of creating a typographic cliche , our company uses special alloys of pure metals: copper, zinc, magnesium, brass and silicone. The shape of the product may be different and depend on the wishes of the customer, for example, typographic cliche may have a flat, convex or oval design. If you want to give your printed materials an individual character and distinguish it, then you are welcome to us. Our online store guarantees 100% quality of typographic cliche , as we manufacture it to the highest standards. In addition, as soon as you order a typographic cliche , you can also enjoy additional bonuse like the affordable prices.
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