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Pyrography Service

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Pyrography - “pir” - fire, “graphos” - to write ( Greek, ) An amazing and unique processing materials that attracts with its natural beauty. Pyrography, as a service provided by our company, is very popular among owners of small and medium businesses, as well as with lovers and couples. Pyrography - drawing a picture with a hot needle on wood, paper, fabric or other materials.


Last century, wood burning was as popular as embroidery, drawing and any other kind of decorative art. However, the true masters of pyrography were rare. Pyrographs, who worked for hours on an uncomplicated pattern, were famous in towns and cities. The complexity of this craft was that the work required perseverance, patience and caution, because the red-hot needle does not endure haste. Only in the second half of the 20th century did pyrography feel a new wave in development, due to the invention of a pyrograph working on electricity. Painting Fire Luxurious paintings and funny drawings on cutting boards are far from the limit of pyrography. The masters of our company know how to burn a unique casket, a key holder, a frame for a photo or a mirror, as well as interior items like head of a bed, a coffee table or an exquisite stool. Connoisseurs of wood and organic materials will be pleasantly surprised, because you can burn it on paper, leather, fabric, plywood and even corks! Engraved door signs, wine barrels, tables and chairs, souvenirs of all sizes, jewelry, shovels and mortar for spices - anything you want can be decorated with wonderful drawings. Advantages Our specialists will help you create your own unique design (modern or ethnic), because we work individually with each client. Pleasant pricing, responsive service and high-quality orders are the main advantages and reasons for success. Order a Pyrography service - add a twist to the interior of your home, office or summer house!
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