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"Veterinary stamp"Bear meat""

Veterinary stamp"Bear meat"

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Width: 20;
Length: 50;
There are several types of veterinary stamps. Absolutely all meat that is supplied to the market or goes to the production of meat products should be branded with veterinary stamps. This mandatory criterion exists in the Russian Federation since 1994, is specified in the Instructions for veterinary stamping of meat , approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Russian Federation 04/28/1994. Meat is allowed to branding, after a thorough physical examination, and not all veterinarians and veterinary paramedics have the right to brand. So, if you are dealing with meat and meat products, then you must take care of purchasing high-quality brands and stamps that meet all standards and norms of state requirements. I would like to note that it is necessary to mark not only the meat of domestic animals, but also wild ones. There are rectangular, oval and triangular stamps. All of them indicate the quality level of the product.
In the assortment of our site, we offer stamps designed for stamping wild meat and bear meat. Veterinary stamp Bear meat of its own production was made according to all GOSTs parameters, in accordance with the instructions for merchandise labeling of meat, approved by the RF Committee on Food and Processing Industry on October 4, 1993. The stamp has a rectangular shape, 50 * 20 millimeters and in the center it says BEAR MEAT, the width of the letters is 7 millimeters, the width of the stroke is one and a half millimeters. Medvezhatina is a rather unusual and uncommon meat, which is produced in only a few countries of the world, including Russia. Veterinary stampBear meat refers to additional stamps that are placed only on carcasses of wild animals. In addition to high quality, image clarity, the veterinary stamp Bear meat is not at a very affordable price.
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