"Tuberculosis" veterinary stamp (Rectangular). 00-01022531 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
""Tuberculosis" veterinary stamp (Rectangular)"

"Tuberculosis" veterinary stamp (Rectangular)

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Width: 40;
Length: 70;
The meat products are necessary for mankind for full and proper development. However, each person must be sure that this meat does not contain bacteria that can cause complex infectious diseases. That is why all products that go to the shelves undergo strict control and are marked with special stamps. In order for the sanitary service to establish the quality of meat, it needs to have special seals and stamps.
Today it is not so easy to buy such stamps, but there is one company that has specialized in manufacturing and selling cliches for burning for more than three years. Here you can find the Veterinary Stamp Tuberculosis (Rectangular) and many other stamps. All offers can be thoroughly studied by contacting the official website of the company. Our pages provide multiple examples of work.
It is worth noting that the meat is divided into different types depending on the animal: beef; pork; mutton; goat meat; buffalo; rabbit meat.
Also, the meat types section includes a subparagraph on the meat of wild animals: deer meat; bear meat; hare meat. All these types of meat require a thorough check, and in order to be on the table as an appetizing dish, they undergo a thorough check and are certified with a special brand that can be purchased in this company. And of course, you need to ensure that the meat you purchase has all kinds of stamps. Veterinary stamp Tuberculosis (Rectangular), Ebola stamp, veterinary oval stamp and many other quality indicators. The labeling of mass production is a responsible occupation. In The Russian Federation this procedure is indicated in special Instruction on veterinary branding of meat since 1994. After the veterinary and sanitary examination meat has been completely carried out and everything is certified with an oval mark. And so on, each stamp has its own special arrangement of inscriptions and numbers, everything that is offered on the site exactly corresponds to all standards and indicators.
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