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"Custom Curved Surface Branders"

Custom Curved Surface Branders

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Width: 40;
Length: 70;
< strong > Convex or concave clich? is designed to mark pipes, necks, containers and other containers with a complex radial or curved surface.

Thanks to modern 3D technologies, the problem of applying marking or image on an object of cavernous shape has been solved. Note that for a long time such an operation was not that difficult, but almost impossible.

A distinctive feature of the 3D that has been made with metal carving is that it will serve for many years. After all, our specialists select the best types of metal, carefully and carefully thread, process the material before delivery to the client.

Because of this pedantic attitude to the order, each ledge and recess on such a stamp pleases the eye of even the most demanding customer.

We will produce a < strong > curved shape label turnkey as soon as possible at the most appropriate price.
Our customers are sure you will not find the best clich? manufacturer in all of Moscow! And even more clich? of curved shape!

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