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Burning logo

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Width: 60; Length: 60; “HOT LOGOS” - a new idea for business! If you were faced with the task of improving the image of the company, then the most appropriate solution would be to use a new word in the labeling of goods - burning! To design an amazing and original logo is a rebranding; A modern advertising strategy that creates the conditions for increasing loyalty of regular customers, as well as for attracting new ones. After all, the logo not only informs about the manufacturer, but also forms its image, sets the position among competitors. For these reasons, burning a stylish logo will make the product famous. Now to create a neat graphic image on company boxes, packaging, wood products and other items does not require much time and money. In addition, burning marking , is the most lasting and durable. The hot logo is not afraid of bad weather conditions, bright sun or scratches; time makes it only more noble; it changes and transforms with the tree. Unlike paints or stickers, such a logo will serve you for many years. Why is it worth upgrading your company logo and choosing to burn with us? It's simple! It takes only a couple of minutes to order your unique burnout stamp - upload your layout and within a week your heater with a hot stamp will delight you with new logos. If you have any difficulties with choosing a future cliche, inform our specialists and we will be happy to help. Our craftsmen produce brands of only the best quality, using modern technology and first-class materials. We also give a guarantee for the stamps of our own production - 1 year! Order a logo burning stamp - follow current trends in the world of marketing! Pay attention to stamp heaters and burning modes . Cost for burning on our equipment
Number of pieces 1-10 10-50 50-100 100-500 500-1000
Price rub/unit 80 50 40 30 25
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