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"Burning on plywood"

Burning on plywood

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Width: 50; Length: 50;

Burning wood (pyrography) is one of the oldest crafts. Since ancient times, craftsmen created the masterpieces on wood and decorated household items with unique patterns. Nowadays, pyrography has not lost its relevance, it is necessary to put identification codes, manufacturing dates and company labels on the products. Marketers try to advertise on anything that could catch the eye of a potential buyer, and often use the method of burning on plywood. It can be wooden packaging or furniture. Today, many different advanced devices have appeared, thanks to which the process of applying the image to the wooden surface of plywood is fast, with minimal energy consumption. Our company is engaged in burning by transferring the image from the stamp to the surface of plywood at high temperature conditions. Drawing an image in this way has many advantages - it is durable, does not fade over time, it is not afraid of direct sunlight, super clear, and is not expensive. Design and size of the image are selected individually, according to all the requirements of each client. Burning with stamps is possible not only on plywood, but also on materials such as plastic, leather, etc. How to choose a heater for a cliche?

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