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"Shovel handles hot branding"

Shovel handles hot branding

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Width: 40;Length: 20; People has been loved to burn on wood since ancient times, wood embossing found its place in the Russian ethos. How is the process of applying images to wooden products going on today? Initially, you need to engrave the desired sketch on the clich? for burning. Further, this cliche is heated to a certain temperature, and under mechanical pressure the print remains on the surface of the product. Wood burning is used for marking products, decoration, promoting advertising, etc. Today, a large number of different firms and companies engaged in different areas appear on the market every day. Competition is growing, and therefore, every entrepreneur has to think about how to stand out from the crowd, how to make sure that his products are noticed and remembered. In this regard, every large company has its own logo - its own identification mark. And this sign, pattern, or logo must be applied to your product. You can do this with paints, but it is not durable and not reliable, after a year of operation, the image will most likely fade or even be erased! We offer a more reliable convenient method - the service burning on product handles , for example, shovels. Our company is engaged in production of a stamp for burning out . You only need a pattern or a sketch of the ornament, and we will put it on your product as soon as possible. This service should also be used in state institutions (schools, kindergartens, hospitals), in which all state property is kept under registration. Each mop and each rake is specially marked, usually with simple paints, which are easily erased during operation. But if you apply inscription by burning on the handles of the inventory then years, water, or solvents will not erase it. Brand heaters
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