Burner for drilling machine of non-parallel surfaces. 00-01028386 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
Burner for drilling machine of non-parallel surfaces

Burner for drilling machine of non-parallel surfaces

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Width: 120; Height: 60; Length: 300; The Burner for drilling machine is a modified version of the TT2-500 heater with a spring-loaded heating plate, designed to be fixed in the drilling machine. It allows you to print on non-parallel surfaces. Deviation from parallelism in the longitudinal direction is +/- 15 degrees, and in the transverse direction it is +/- 5 degrees. Burning with a drilling machine significantly increases the repeatability of the print. The only inconvenience is the free rotation of the machine chuck. This can be solved by temporarily fixing the chuck, motor or drive belt of the machine. The kit includes a wooden handle for the ability to work without the machine. The burner can be equipped with an additional voltage regulator for smooth temperature control. Replacement heating elements always available.
It is strictly forbidden to use on a machine connected to the mains.
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