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"Branding iron heater for drill"

"Branding iron heater for drill"

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"Width: 120;
Height: 60;
Length: 300;
The drilling machine burn is a modified version of the < a href = "https://tempstamp.ru/product/nagrevatel-klishe-bez-termoregulyatora.html" > TT2-500 heater designed to be fixed in the drilling machine. This makes it possible to obtain a simple and reliable burning press at minimum cost. Burning with a drilling machine significantly increases the repeatability of imprint application. The only inconvenience is the free rotation of the machine cartridge. This can be solved by temporarily fixing the cartridge, motor or drive belt of the machine. The kit includes a wooden handle for the possibility to work without a machine tool. The burnout can be additionally equipped with a < a href = "https://tempstamp.ru/product/regulyator-napryazheniya-2000-vt.html" > voltage regulator for smooth temperature monitoring. < a href = "https://tempstamp.ru/product/alyuminievaya-nagrevatelnaya-plastina.html" > Spare heating elements are always available. < br/>
< span style = "color: # ff0000;" > It is strictly forbidden to use on a connected machine.

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