Cliche making steps

Cliche making steps

The sequence of creating the stamp.

1. Make an order on the site or send an email to our email. We ask you to provide the appearance, dimensions of the desired product and its purpose. This may be a .cdr, .ai, .eps file, or another vector file. In this case, we are ready to start production immediately after payment. If you do not have a vector file, then send a drawing, sketch, raster image, photo and our designer will make a template.


To get started, we need about this layout and its dimensions. Please note that the size of the cliche will eventually be larger than the layout. Around the layout remains a free field after trimming. The approximate cost of a cliche can be calculated on a calculator.

From the layout of the master creates a three-dimensional model of the future stigma. Based on the terms of use & nbsp; we produce a stamp of various heights and angle of inclination of the profile. Therefore, indicate in your order the purpose of the stigma. As standard, we make a profile with a height of 1.6 mm with a slope of 30В°. Please note that the model is represented in a mirror image.

In the end, the CNC machine cuts the stigma that we most often mount on the soldering iron.

After burning you will see this image. Enjoy using it!