Production of a cliche (matrix and punch) for cold and hot stamping

Production of a cliche (matrix and punch) for cold and hot stamping

One of our best services is to manufacture cliches (dies and punches) for cold and hot stamping.

We will make any cliche that will be used for stamping with the method of mechanical processing and embossing. This type of cliche (matrix and punch) can be applied to embossing on materials such as paper, diaries, leather, and other materials.

Stamping is the process of creating images on a number of different materials, such as: cardboard, paper sheets, leather, plastic, calico, etc. This mechanism is carried out using the pressure of heated cliches. During the embossing process, a material such as foil or paint can be used. However, the use of these materials will not necessarily. According to the degrees of deformation, the material is distinguished by the following types of embossing: foil, blint or hot stamping.

Blind embossing is also called blind embossing. This method does not use materials such as paint, foil. Only a cliche heated to a certain temperature is used. The mechanism is considered to be quite simple - the cliche is pressed into the material (usually such as diaries, leather, etc.), and the image that turns out is in the same plane.

The difference with the blind method with foil stamping is only in that the foil stamping method involves the use of foil. Due to all this, the embossing depth is quite small, because the emphasis is not on the relief, but on a unique color. A chemical process takes place from the required temperature in the foil and, when the foil is melted, it leaves the same metallic trace-color. This type of stamping can be combined very well with convex.

The following method, called hot stamping, is a three-dimensional embossing of the finished product. This specialized typographical method allows you to get a concave or convex type of image on paper. For this type of embossing, 2 mirror matrix and pounce plates are used.

Making a cliche (dies and punch) for cold and hot stamping process is quite time-consuming and without a high-quality technical capability of the manufacturer itself can conceal a number of some difficulties. We, as a manufacturer specializing in this particular type of product, are proud to offer you our products. Make purchases correctly - trust the professionals!


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