Contour milling of sheet materials

Contour milling of sheet materials

Acrylic milling, Contour milling  of PVC, aluminum, composite, plastic, brass is making accurately and quickly, and facilitates the manufacture of various products, signs and signs, light advertising structures and three-dimensional letters. Using the CNC, the cutting of sheet materials is done without further processing.



Cutting plywood       Cutting plastic    Cutting metal

Maximum sheet size is 1200С…1200 mm

Cutting thickness - up to 85 mm

We can process materials MDF, PVC, PET, chipboard, polystyrene, plexiglas, aluminum, copper, brass and bronze alloys. You can place an order by submitting thumbnails or vector drawing in (*.Р°i), (*.cdr), (*.jpg), (*.dwg), (*.art) formats. After viewing and evaluating the information received, we will call you or send you a response by email. You can send the attachment by mail