Replacement of the heating plate and heating elements

Replacement of the heating plate and heating elements. Step by step instructions.

If you are unsure of your abilities and skills, send the heating device to us for repair at the address indicated in contacts . Also read the sections guarantees, return and repair , as well as estimate repair costs. Most likely your time is more valuable.

The procedure for changing the heating elements on the heater

Unplug the heater and wait until it cools down to room temperature. Do not use water or other liquids for cooling. You can speed up the process by blowing cold dry air on the product, for example from a compressor. Both the brand and the heater itself should cool down. Remove the stigma.

Remove the protective cover of the terminal block.

Loosen the screws counterclockwise with a PZ2 or PZ3 screwdriver

Release the thermal wires.

Remove the heating elements.

Unscrew the thermocouple counterclockwise with a "10" wrench.

The thermocouple thread can be M6 or 1/4-20 UNC.

To replace the heating plate, use a 13" wrench to unscrew the nuts at the base of the plate.

And also unscrew the nuts at the heater body with a "13" wrench.

Remove the studs from the heating plate body and replace it. Assembly is carried out in the reverse order.

After installation, make sure everything is firmly screwed on again. A falling piece of hot metal is difficult to catch and pick up. You can work!

Remove the removed brand in a dry place where it will be safe. This will prolong its life.