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"Phytosanitary Stamp "IPPC""

Phytosanitary Stamp "IPPC"

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Width: 80mm;
Length: 70mm;
Brand manufactured according to Resolution Of the government of the Russian Federation of February 3, 2017 No. 133 & quot; on approval of the Regulations on licensing the activities of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs for the right to perform works on quarantine phytosanitary disinfection, approved by the resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation of 03.02.2017 No. 133< / a>
To order a phytosanitary stamp< / A> you need to send the code assigned after passing the licensing in the Rosselkhoznadzor or the photo of the impression you are using at the moment.
After that, our designer will provide a layout of the future stamp in 3D format for approval.
Pallets are one of the most common elements in the field of transportation and storage of goods.
No production facility is complete without pallets. Usually it is means of packaging made of wood. As a starting material, such wood as birch, pine, spruce, aspen are used.
Fresh wood is a natural material containing water, organic rock, living organisms, which do not favorably affect the quality of both the pallet and the goods on it. Mold, microorganisms, beetle larvae, microbes happily spread to new products on the pallet. Therefore, a team of specialists developed an international standard on phytosanitary measures in 2002.
On this basis, every pallet that travels outside the state is obliged to:
1) pass the decontamination procedure, which will destroy pests and mold.
2) Have no tree bark on them.
After this treatment, the appropriate phytosanitary brand, visually similar to a spike, is burned on the pallet with a brand. The presence of such a stamp suggests that pallet is free from pests and thus prepared for import.
The pallet marking must have the following data: 1) IPPC-abbreviation of the international Convention for the protection (quarantine) of plants;
2) the Code of the country that manufactured the pallet. In our case, it is Russia, which means RU;
3) manufacturer region Code;
4) the Unique code of the company that produced the processing of wood
5) the Abbreviated name of the disinfection method
6) Additional information. Debarked wood (debarking, DB); abbreviated name of the produced disinfection method: heat treatment (HT), chamber drying kiln drying (KD) or fumigation with methyl bromide (methyl bromide, MB).
brand Heaters< / A>

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