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"Stamp for buns and pizza"

Stamp for buns and pizza

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Width: 30;Length: 30;Lately drawing has become very popular using the food products' stamps . For many enterprises, restaurants, cafes and bakeries, it is a hallmark in its field. We will help your products remain unique. We manufacture and design the stamp for buns and pizza. We select an individual design for your brand, guided by the particularity of your product. The stamp for buns in our company can be made of two types: electric and heaterless. The stamp for buns and pizza electric consists of the stamp made of brass or magnesium, which contains text or graphic information and a heater. The heater is selected depending on the area of ??the stamp, the larger the area, the more powerful the heater should be. Therefore, on a 100-watt heater, you can install a stamp of not more than 10-15 sq. cm The stamp for buns and pizza without a heater is also made of food brass with a long handle for heating over an open fire. When making stamps for buns and pizza, you must know that the drawing should not contain small parts and thick lines , otherwise these elements will be badly burned. It is also necessary to observe the mode of operation . We guarantee that your stamp for buns and pizza will be of excellent quality and unique.

Helpful Tip: Lubricate the stamp with oil to prevent sticking.
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