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"Stamp for pallets "FIN"

"Stamp for pallets "FIN"

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"Width: 60;
Length: 100;

If your company is engaged in the manufacture of pallets or uses them to organize the workflow, then, of course, you will be interested in the pallet stamp "FIN ".

The mark of FIN is burned out on the left "checkers" of the finpallet
1000x1200x145mm . On the central is burn markings indicating the manufacturer and digital information (series, year of manufacture).

It's no secret that such a simple device, like a pallet, really standardized and adapted the processes of loading and unloading products. Now loading, transporting, unloading any cargo has become easier, because the used pallets are made of wood, metal or organic polymers.

Pallets marked with "FIN" or the so-called Finnish pallets, have slightly different dimensions unlike the usual European standard. The upper part of such a pallet is equipped with seven alternating boards (a wide and two narrow boards alternate with each other). While the lower part of the Finnish pallet consists of three boards.

The marking "FIN" is burned with a stamp on the right legs of the pallet. Release date, manufacturer identification is applied to the remaining legs. Also required are the chamfers at the corners of the Finnish pallet .

The stamp "FIN" applied to the pallet implies the work of the best European experts, quality wood and pallet assembly.

The online store TempS tamp is manufacturing cliche for Euro pallets for more than 5 years! Our customers gladly cooperate with us, we pay attention to the details more than anyone else and we do our work quickly and carefully.

We use our experience, first-class materials such as brass, magnesium, and modern technology to make the Pallet stamp "FIN" . "
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