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"Setting Rivets Pliers Tool"

"Setting Rivets Pliers Tool"

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"Length: 90;

No self-respecting master tanner can not do without the presented set. A collection of devices for the installation of buttons, rivets and eyelets is presented in the line of special tools for processing the skin of our store and received the best reviews.

The nature of the master can be easily recognized by the quality of the pattern, the location of special or artistic holes, the presence of tightly holding buttons or eyelets. That's why, experts who really love their work, pay great attention to small things and use high-quality materials.

There is no other method that could change the mood of a thing so much and make it fashionable, like applying rivets, metal bushings and buttons to the processing of leather. That's why such with the help of such a set you can create non-trivial leather things decorated with metalwork!

The main task of the set is to be an indispensable assistant in the creation of ethnic, authentic details of the wardrobe, accessories, etc.

The set consists of 11 most needed items.

Suitable for buttons 10: 12: 15 mm

Material: zinc alloy and steel
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