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"Stamp Kalamkari"

"Stamp Kalamkari"

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  • (translation: Kalam - pen.




Beautiful Kalamkari stamps — new to the stamp collection T emp S tamp!

The drawings created in the traditional Kalamkari style carry a symbolic, rich and sacred meaning. They turn a simple fabric, skin, soap, paper into an original distinctive material that reflects the beauty of Ancient India.

The story of Kalamkari has its origin in the territory of the well-known Vedic civilization.

The lands of Iran, India and Pakistan are sources of various arts and artistic technologies - painting, music, architecture, including Kalamkari (translation: Kalam - pen; kari - work) - technology for the artistic painting of fabrics.

However, the art, or rather the craft, of hand-painted fabric is so ancient that no one dares to speak of its exact origin! Only one thing is important - with the help of Kalamkari Indo-Aryans showed their vision of the world, religion, life and nature. Therefore, the drawings made by Kalamkari stamps reflect the magnificent graphics, patterns, plants and animals.

Heavy elephants, graceful fallow deer, sophisticated birds, as well as interesting characters, original words, floral patterns, intricate turns - all this and even more imprinted with the help of Kalamkari stamps !

At the request of handmade masters we can produce Kalamkari stamps of various shapes and sizes! The cliche drawing can be made according to the sketch of the customer or according to the materials already prepared by our store. "
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