Lead seals 10 mm, 1 kg (~250 psc.). 00-01022461 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Lead seals 10 mm, 1 kg (~250 psc.)"

Lead seals 10 mm, 1 kg (~250 psc.)

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The price is for 1 kg. Diameter: 10mm

Since ancient times, the transportation and safety of cargo was accompanied by the need to protect it from possible types of encroachment. A private entrepreneur, as well as an industrial enterprise, public or other association, consisting in the framework of partnership and contractual relations, uses more and more different ways and methods for the safety and security of its own cargo.

Among the simplest and most proven methods for many decades to date, there are lead seals. The main advantage of this degree of protection is that it is a relatively low level of prices for seals and twisted wires and a rather effective and high level of reliability of fastening. Lead seals are securely fixed on a twisted pair of wires, which is why it is simply impossible to open the wire without leaving traces.

For several decades, lead seals have been a traditional means of protecting objects such as doors, electric meters, appliances, equipment, sea and railway containers, collection bags, cars and trucks, etc. This type of seal is also called a collection or bank seal . This type of protection is also used by banks and cash collection units for the safety of cash bags.

What are the lead seals ? Visually, the seals look like small metal disks (cylinders) with two holes for pulling the wire, or a sealing twine type. On the other hand, this cylinder has a small pocket for a nodule. All over the world, there are three standards for the size of lead seals - sixteen, ten and eight millimeters. The size and shape of the seal can vary greatly and depend only on the needs and preferences of the customer. However, the principle of operation of the seals remains unchanged. In order to seal a particular object, you need a specialized device called a steel sealer. It will be sufficient to wire through the eyes of the object to be sealed and the holes of lead seals, and then tightly squeeze the knot at the seal pocket with the sealer .

Removing lead seals is pretty easy. To do this, you just need to cut a twisted pair of wire with special scissors, or with wire cutters.

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