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"The sign for the boat"

"The sign for the boat"

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"Width: 70;
Length: 100;

Do you want to find the perfect boat plate or update the old one?

Rational price, quality metal, first-class engraving - this is what as best as possible characterizes the plates for the boat of our own company!

Nameplate or < strong > boat hull plate - contains important technical information and all basic data about the boat or boat (date of manufacture of the ship, its factory number, name and type, as well as mass, passenger capacity, etc.). That is why it is given high requirements. It should be made of quality and corrosion-resistant materials, which will not only resist waves and rain strongly, but also not burn in the sun. The marking of such a plate shall be clear, universal and durable.

All the above requirements take into account the masters of our company in the manufacture of such a necessary attribute of the boat. < br/>

We use thermal transfer and mechanical engraving techniques to make plates.

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