Thermopress for forming soft edges of cardboard products. 00-01030430 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
Thermopress for forming soft edges of cardboard products

Thermopress for forming soft edges of cardboard products

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hermopress is used to apply graphic images and symbols to various surfaces by burning or hot stamping using or (without) thermal transfer ribbons of various colors. It can also be used for hot molding, polymerization of glue, pressing of various films, self-adhesive tapes and other similar operations. Three parameters are regulated: pressure, temperature, pressure time.
This semi-automatic thermal press is designed to form the soft edge of the cardboard collar tire of the disposable transport immobilization SHTIdv 02. The collar tire is a two-component design, adjustable both in neck volume and height. The collars are fixed with a textile fastener. To avoid rubbing the skin of the injured, the end of the cardboard is glued with foam using this press.
The press is equipped with specialized equipment at the request of the customer, which simplifies its use.
Press without accessories with standard heating plates.
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