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Impact stamps for metal

Impact stamps for metal

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In any locksmith work, there is a mandatory stamping of stamping parts, molds, etc. With constant intensive use, the working parts of the stamps wear out pretty quickly, so making stamps on impact (mainly digital) is most common in engraving practice. It is not recommended to use alloy steel for the manufacture of metal stamps, since after heat treatment it becomes brittle and may crumble during operation. For the manufacture of a impact instrument, workpieces with a length of at least 60 mm should be selected. They can be cut from a steel bar, preferably a square section. Tools of this form are very convenient to use when installing their working parts on the marking line of the text printed on the product in compliance with the correct arrangement of letters in the line. For impact stamps we use steel grades 9XC, У8A. In the manufacture of steel percussion marks, we are guided by GOST standart 25726-83 .
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