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Embossing Service

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Any type of embossing: relief, blind, embossing with foil - qualitatively and on time!

What is embossing ? Embossing is a kind of printing process, which is aimed at decorating finished products. The embossing service will allow you to get a beautiful and embossed image on any item using manual, automatic and semi-automatic presses.

Additional coating during embossing can be specified by materials such as silver, metal, or a brilliant reflection of gold.

Embossing service consists in pressing pigmented or metallized foil types (and sometimes polymers) using a hot or cold method.

In order to obtain the maximum necessary shade, spraying of an additional substance can be applied to the foil. This will make the printing product such as a calendar or label much more attractive.

Basic embossing service methods

The most common embossing methods today are blind (blint) and relief stamping. Let's take a closer look at each of these methods:

Blind (blint) embossing. Indentations with images are formed without the use of foil and paints. It can be produced both by cold and hot methods. This type of embossing is most effective for binding types of materials.

The hot stamping method is considered the most beautiful, and it allows you to make a convex image. The main elements in the clich? are the counter-matrix and the matrix, which are components of each other. Most often, this method can be found on such flexible materials as cardboard and paper.

The foil stamping method is performed as follows: the cliche is heated to a temperature of about 60 degrees Celsius, then a layer of foil is laid between the cliche and the material. After pressing, during which the relief itself occurs, the metallized spraying of the foil is firmly fixed to the material, giving a more effective appearance. This method, using foil, is the most common among all types of materials including leather.

It is very important to understand that the embossing process is quite laborious. For the most part, it depends on the competent selection of optimal methods and materials, knowledge of the features of absolutely every technology.

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