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"Veterinary stamp "Ebola" (Rectangular)"

Veterinary stamp "Ebola" (Rectangular)

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Width: 40;
Length: 70;
All meat products that we eat daily in various forms are checked for various viral diseases and other dangerous parasites. A special veterinary and sanitary group every day checks large quantities of meat and makes its conclusion. All checks should be noted not only documented, but also on the meat itself. For this purpose serves a special product - the stamps of various types and sizes. In addition to the main stamp “Preliminary inspection” , there must be other stamps or a specific one. Each symbol or word has its own meaning and affects the further processing of a particular carcass.
If the experts of the veterinary-sanitary group detect a virus or a parasite, they must mark this carcass with a special stamp, for example, Finnosis or Ebola . This virus is transmitted imperceptibly and has terrible consequences. It can be transmitted using food, therefore, a thorough check of each batch of meat is needed.
The Ebola veterinary stamp has standard sizes of 70x40 mm, a rectangular shape and special identification marks. The State Service of the Russian Federation monitors the quality of products that are sent for processing and regular sale. If a virus is detected, you need to make a stamp on this carcass and send it for recycling. This is a complex process that requires attention, rigor and accuracy. There should not be smeared and incomprehensible stamps, the mark should be clear and understandable. If your company or expert group is missing this product, you can order it.
You can buy the Ebola veterinary stamp only in a specialized store. Our company is professionally engaged in the production of these high quality products. On the site you can order the required number of products. This is a high-quality and accurate stamp, which was created according to all standards and norms. Based on the rules of the Instructions for veterinary stamping of meat, you must have a standard product with high accuracy.
According to the instructions, you will not be able to leave a stamp of a different meaning on meat containing Ebola virus. Provide your company and expert group with the necessary products in advance to determine the condition and quality of meat, and the necessary branding.
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