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"Veterinary round stamp (first category)"

Veterinary round stamp (first category)

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Length: 40;Today, in order to be able to monitor human health and prevent the spread of all kinds of epidemics and terrible diseases, there is a fairly strict organization of veterinary control. Its responsibility is to control the quality of meat products for sale. For some verification assurance, all meat is stamped, and the stamps are purchased in a special organization that has permission to produce special stamps. Meat and all meat products are divided into different types of farm and wild animals. And absolutely all of them are subject to mandatory branding. Veterinary round stamp (First category) - is only a small part of veterinary stamps. All these stamping devices are manufactured with exact compliance with all the norms specified in the Instructions for veterinary stamping of meat . All veterinary specialists must adhere to this Instruction. Be sure to use the stamp should be the heads of farms, various enterprises and organizations that are engaged in the processing of livestock and poultry. Responsible compliance with all the rules specified in the instructions should be visible in any market. They stamp meat just after it passes a full veterinary and sanitary control. Any examination of carcasses and internal organs of animals finishes with a stamp. Veterinary round stamp (First category) indicates the quality of the meat and the fact that it does not have any deviations that cannot allow it to be sold. Not every person has the right to use such a stamp and it is important to know that there are complete lists of those veterinarians and paramedics who have this right. The company, which produces stamps, also has a special permission for its work. And produces hot stamps according to all the rules and laws. The oval-shaped veterinary stamp, which has three pairs of numbers in its center, confirms that the examination of meat and meat products has been carried out and that this product is available for any purpose. If it is necessary to put a mark on offal or rabbit meat with poultry, then an oval mark is also used, but smaller. Thus, it is clear that all the stamps are designed for reliably indicate the quality of the meat.
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