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"Veterinary stamp (triangular)"

Veterinary stamp (triangular)

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Width: 30;Height: 30;Length: 30;Stamps help to characterize the value of the product. Also, with their help we can see an accordance with all the norms established by the veterinary-sanitary service. Thus, we should know the meaning of stamps on the meat. For each carcass, half-carcass or a quarter of meat of all kinds of animals, the products produced by the meat farm or poultry farm must undergo food control, so that the products can go to the shops. In order to understand where to send this meat product, immediately for sale or for industrial processing, the corresponding stamp is put. Such stamps have established forms, and certify the suitability of meat. There are three types of stamps in order to stamping the meat or poultry: a round stamp with a diameter of 40 millimeters; square stamp with sizes 40x40 millimeters; triangular Veterinary Stamp , 45x50x50 millimeters. However, for meat like pork, an oval and rhomboid stamp are also provided. Each stamp must necessarily indicate the abbreviated name of the republic, the number of the enterprise and the word Vetcheck As well as the forms, the dimensions of the mark are also strictly certified by law, so if the Veterinary stamp triangular and rectangular have the same size, then, for example, the oval can be smaller. This is allowed when you need to tag poultry or rabbit meat. As for the carcasses of a rabbit, then a round stamp with a diameter of 25 millimeters and a square stamp can be used here. All basic designations do not change, remain priority. The triangular stamp is mainly used to mark a skinny animal. They mark beef, veal, lamb, goat and pork of the fourth category. Any product with this stamp is for industrial processing only. The stamp is the useful tool.
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