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"Veterinary stamp "FMD" (Rectangular)"

Veterinary stamp "FMD" (Rectangular)

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Width: 20;Length: 50;The quality of the meat we eat affects our health. We get the necessary supply of vitamins and energy. If the meat products are not of high quality, and are infected with a dangerous virus or parasite, such a product can cause harm to the body. Each batch of meat is checked by experienced experts from the veterinary and sanitary service. A set of analyzes and special checks can determine how high-quality a given meat product is, whether it is infected with a virus or any other dangerous parasites. In case something is discovered, all carcasses need to be marked with a special stamp. This is a mandatory procedure that all parties of fresh meat undergo without exception. Each new batch will not be allowed to sell or process without special checks and analyzes. Sometimes experts can detect a terrible disease, such as foot-and-mouth disease (FMD). Animals infected with FMD should not leave the premises of the enterprise as a row meat. It is dangerous not only for other animals, but also for people around. All animals that had an high temperature during slaughter should be sent to thorough processing for the preparation of boiled-smoked and cooked sausages. The further fate of each carcass will depend on the results of the expert group. There are strict rules for animals infected with this disease. Processing of meat products must take place strictly in accordance with safety rules. Only in this case you will be able to sell a fresh batch of meat and send it to further industrial processing. All carcasses infected with the FMD virus must be labeled. For this case, use the special veterinary stamp FMD . This product has a rectangular shape and dimensions of 50x20 mm. The stamp leaves one inscription FMD on the carcass. For experts, it means only one thing - this meat must be sent for recycling or special processing.Our company offers you to buy the veterinary stamp FMD . We are professional manufacturers of this product. Each stamp meets the necessary standards. You can order the required number of products and start using them. Thus, you can determine the quality of meat products and make stamps on infected meat. If your old stamp does not make a clear and precise mark, you need to replace it. In the process of determining the contamination of meat, each carcass should get a stamp.
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