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"Veterinary stamp "Meat for canning" (Rectangular)"

Veterinary stamp "Meat for canning" (Rectangular)

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Width: 40;Length: 70;All rules and regulations related to the stamping of meat and meat products are described in the special Instructions created back in 1994. It indicates the proper use of stamps for all types of farm and wild animals. All the meat must be branded by the services established for this work. Only veterinarians who have received state permission for this work can engage in this process, and all stamps that are produced and put out for sale must also strictly comply with all standards. A rectangular veterinary stamp may have many different inscriptions. For example, Veterinary stamp Meat for canning (Rectangular) or some other purpose. But still, the main inscription, which never changes, is Vetservice. This inscription is installed on the top of the stamp and shows that the meat product has been examined by a veterinarian. In the center, you can often find the inscription Preliminary inspection however, it can be constantly changes due to the state in which the meat that is submitted for inspection will be. A veterinary stamp made in a rectangular shape may also have an inscription that indicates the type of neutralization of the mass product. For example, on the carcass you can see the Veterinary stamp Meat for canning (Rectangular) it means that this product is suitable only for processing into canned meat products.
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