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"Veterinary stamp "Boiling" (Rectangular)"

Veterinary stamp "Boiling" (Rectangular)

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Width: 40;Length: 70; The meat of any animal or poultry that was intended for sale should be carefully checked. Any meat can contain a lot of dangerous bacteria, which can cause various human diseases. Absolutely all brands and stamps are produced exclusively in accordance with the established procedure of the current legislation. They are made exclusively from bronze or stainless metal. There is also a list of special established forms and size indicators. Stamps may have a deeply carved rim, numbers and letters. All this is done in order to get a clear impression. Also, recently began to produce veterinary stamps of rubber. For example, an oval stamp on the carcass means that the meat has passed a complete check and is ready for any sale, but what can the Veterinary stamp Boiling (Rectangular)say? There are a lot of such stamps. They all have their own shapes and sizes, they all have different numbers and are oriented in different directions, but in order not to be mistaken it is necessary to understand that rectangular stamps are not those that unconditionally speak about the quality of meat. They warn about its verification, and with the help of additional inscriptions indicate the need for this or that manipulation. So, in the case when the Veterinary stamp Boiling (Rectangular) is seen on the carcass, it indicates the procedure for using meat. This procedure is established in accordance with the current veterinary and sanitary laws and regulations . In such cases, you may notice that the veterinary stamp of a rectangular shape may have different inscriptions in its central part. We make stamps and stamps of various forms and types, our site is replete with an assortment of these goods. The prices are affordable, and the quality is high, each stamp is made in accordance with all standards.
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