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Burner for pallets

Burner for pallets

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Power: 800 W; Width: 300; Height: 100; Length: 350; It is used for quick heating and continuous operation with stamps up to 110x70 mm in size. The temperature regulator allows you to accurately set and maintain the required temperature in the range 0-450 C. Great for marking pallets with EUR , EPAL , spikelet < / A> If you do not need to accurately monitor the temperature, pay attention to the heater without a thermostat .The size of the mark and the heating plate can be changed according to the customer wishes. Maintainability is provided by the presence of heating elements . Two cartridge heaters TENP 8 x 80 mm 250 W are installed in a steel plate, which ensures temperature stability, and two cartridge heaters 6 x 80 mm 150 W are installed directly in the stamp. The color of the handles and the case may be different. TA heater instruction manual . How to choose a heater for a cliche
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