Veterinary stamp

Veterinary stamp

In accordance with the Instructions for veterinary stamping of meat, approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Russian Federation, all types of meat and by-products are subject to mandatory stamping by veterinary stamps

The main function of the veterinary stamp is informing about the suitability of the marked meat product for food, as well as about its compliance with this description. Confirmation that the veterinary and sanitary examination of meat and meat products was fully reflected on the veterinary stamp.

Oval veterinary stamp  contains in the center are three pairs of numbers. The first pair indicates the ordinal number of the region and the city of republican subordination. The second digital pair represents the ordinal number of a district or city. The third pair is the ordinal number of an institution, organization or enterprise. At the top of the stamp is the name of the country, and at the bottom is the Gosvetnadzor. Oval veterinary stamp indicates that this meat product is produced without restrictions for food purposes.

Auxiliary veterinary stamps of various veterinary services and departments are also used. They can be of arbitrary form and are often informational.

Veterinary stamps are made of brass, magnesium, zinc, aluminum and other metals.