Template Requirements

Template Requirements

1.       Vector file requirements

The layout for the production of cliches should contain only designed for cutting vector objects, prepared in the program   CorelDraw   or other vector programs, when ordering, you must also attach to the letter a layout in the format   .ai. ; or   .pdf .

All elements, symbols and text should be converted to curves. The thickness of the curves - "0" or "Hair line". It is not allowed to form an image by specifying the thickness of the curves. Line thickness should be turned into an object (Menu Arrange / Convert outline to object).

Raster objects imported into Corel are not allowed.

Look carefully at the “Circuit” mode (Wireframe) at the maximum magnification for all symbols: remove kinks, steps, “bad” conjugation of arcs, loops.


Layering is not allowed.

Minimum line thickness 0.5 mm

The distance between the contours must be made as large as possible. The depth of processing depends on it.

All curves must be closed. Try to fill the object, if the fill is obtained, the curves of the object are closed correctly, if not, there are gaps somewhere. They need to be fixed.

2.     If there is no vector file

Most often the pictures are presented in raster format. (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .bmp, and so on)

For drawing a vector layout from a bitmap image, we charge a fee for designer services. The cost of drawing depends on the complexity and quality of the image, for each layout is calculated separately. Preparation and a series of layout approvals may take longer than its manufacturing in metal.  

3.             Sizes and proportions

When ordering, you must specify the required image size on the cliche, the size of the plate itself is 4-5 mm larger. This is caused by the presence of indentation at the edges of the image.  

Consider the proportions of the image. The logo in the image below has approximately the same height and width. It is impossible to make it rectangular without loss of quality.

The rectangular image, in turn, cannot be made square.

4. Font

When ordering cliches with text, you need to specify the name of the font. If you don’t find it in our library, you will have to send the file of the required font ( . OTF ,   . TTF ,   . FNT )
If it doesn’t matter what type of font it is, then specify the type of font, and our designer will choose the best option.
For example: