Burning on the buns. Features of work and the necessary tool.

Burning on the buns. Features of work and the necessary tool.

Recently, burgers are not doing just lazy. Fashion for Japanese cuisine replaced the ubiquitous burgers. And the foremost street bakery skill arises the need to stand out from the crowd. For this difficult business, a logo will be useful in the most prominent place, namely, in front of the hungry customer. This will allow you to develop a conditioned reflex to your logo, and even Ivan Petrovich himself would swallow a saliva.  

We can make stamps from   technical or food brass.

What do you need to burn a burger?

  1. Actually the bun itself. At the same time it should have the most uniform surface. For example, sesame seed can prevent the burning of small parts.
  2. The correct cliche. This means that the layout must meet the requirements and the cliche itself must have a minimum of solid fills, cropping should be as close as possible to the image contour and the profile itself should be 3-4 mm deep.  
  3. Suitable tool. This may be an electric label with the regulator and without it , as well as handle for heating on fire . Best of all, we had a burn on a bun using a thermal press .
  4. Shoulder arms. This is assumed to be the default.

The burning process

Depending on the type of heater should be organized workplace. Free from flammable materials. Attach cliche to the heater and heat it.   While the cliche is heating up, cook a few sacrificial buns and cooking oil or vegetable oil. Using a thin layer of oil, smear the work surface of a cliche heated to temperatures   320   В° C you can proceed to burning out. With a gentle but energetic movement, press the cliche to the bun, wait 2-3 seconds and evaluate the result. Do not even expect that you get the first time. Burning a logo on a hamburger is far from immediate.
With thermopress many problems can be avoided.

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