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How to get a phytosanitary stamp (spikelet)

How to get a phytosanitary stamp (spikelet)

Wood obtained from living trees or dead wood may be infected by pests.
To prevent the threat of the spread of these organisms phytosanitary treatment of packaging and packaging material made of wood is used.

Woody packaging material subjected to phytosanitary processing, is indicated by the application of official labeling. This marking consists of a special symbol ("spike") used in conjunction with codes indicating the specific country, the responsible manufacturer or organization that carried out the processing and the type of processing carried out.

The phytosanitary stamp   indicates that the wood packaging material has been subject to an approved phytosanitary treatment, and is the basis for authorizing the importation of wood packaging material without additional special requirements.

The phytosanitary stamp was first taken and standardized at the fourth session of the Interim Commission on Phytosanitary Measures in March 2002, entitled Guidelines for the Regulation of Wood Packaging Materials in International Trade. After several amendments and revisions in 2009, the standard was adopted ISFM 15 which is mainly used today.

In the Russian Federation, the body responsible for phytosanitary control is the Rosselkhoznadzor. It is he who licenses the production of wood packaging material, its phytosanitary processing and labeling.

After successful completion of the licensing process, on the basis of an application for issuing a special mark of international standard for marking wood packaging and cross materials when they are exported from the Russian Federation, the organization is entered in the register of special mark holders with an individual number assigned. An act of verification of compliance of the conditions and technology of fumigation processing with the established norms and rules is also drawn up.

Based on this document, you can proceed to the manufacture of a phytosanitary stamp for burning on pallets and other containers. It can be made from brass or from Steel .
Send a scan of this document to our email tempstamp@yandex.ru   The designer will draw a stamp layout and provide it in a 3D view for clarity.

It is worth noting that the ISPM 15 standard does not explicitly describe the size, type of font or proportions of the phytosanitary stamp. Its size should be sufficient to be visible and legible for inspectors without the use of visual aids. This marking should be rectangular or square in shape and placed within a frame with a vertical line separating the IPPC symbol from the code elements.

There should be no extraneous information inside the box with the marking. If it is advisable to add additional markings to protect the use of the marking (for example, the manufacturer’s trademarks, the logo of the authorized body), then such information may be located near, but outside the boundaries of the phytosanitary stamp.
Marking must be legible, durable and non-transferable, as well as be in place visible when using wooden packaging, preferably on at least two opposite sides of a unit of wood packaging material.

After approval of all the details, we proceed to making cliches in metal.

For high-quality and long-term work, we developed, certified and set up production specialized stamp heaters .