Why do I have to wait so long for my order?

Why do I have to wait so long for my order?

The production of a stamp (brand)  is a complex, long and multi-stage technological process. It includes the creation of a computer model of the future product, the choice of a suitable material,  directly mechanical processing and quality control of the finished product.

Depending on the complexity, it takes from 4 to 30 hours.  Therefore, we can not take very urgent orders.

For high-quality surface treatment on a CNC machine, it takes at least three times to change the   cutter, each time reducing the profile and area of the cutting edge. Due to this, clean processing and a high rate of detailing.
To speed up the process, you can increase the speed of rotation and movement of the cutter, but in most cases this leads to an increase in the scrap rate. But we try to make our products without marriage.

We increase the speed of your orders by increasing the number of machines, thereby reducing the queue system queuing. Now our machine park includes 4 machines.

To meet the growing demands of our customers, we are building a multi-threaded computerized  system with a distribution in time and location with the simultaneous operation of machines.

How it works You can see on-line.