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"Marked "Voluntary certification""

Marked "Voluntary certification"

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Width: 40;Length: 40; Certificate of Conformity is a confirmation of the quality of services that your company provides and the high quality level of products that your company produces. It emphasizes the openness of the manufacturer, his confidence in the quality of his products and his readiness for the most serious quality checks, for compliance with state standards and norms. There are two types of obtaining a certificate of conformity - it is mandatory and voluntary certification of goods or services, as a result of which certified products receive the right to be marked with a special sign informing the consumer a series of quality checks. Mandatory certification is necessary for those goods and services for which the necessary quality requirements are based on the law. Voluntary certification is an established system that is officially applied to those goods or services whose conformity is not a mandatory legal requirement. After conducting voluntary certification , a mark (“Voluntary certification” stamp) is placed on the product or packaging, which distinguishes certified products from counterfeit. Our company is developing and manufacturing the Voluntary Certification stamp The stamp Voluntary certification is a metal rod with an engraved image and is made of the highest quality materials like magnesium or brass. It allows the stamp to be wear-resistant and make the maximum number of prints of excellent quality. The Voluntary Certification stamp is applied to the product by impact. The stamp “Voluntary certification” informs the buyer that the products comply with the quality requirements stated by the manufacturer and indicated by him in the product labeling.
Manufacturing technology of impact stamps
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