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"Stamp of forester"

Stamp of forester

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The stigma of the forester is a double-sided hammer with a special stamp applied to it.
The stigma is applied by forest guards, foresters and their assistants. Mark wood with an energetic hammer blow with paint applied to it.

In forestry practice, for stamping trees, stamps are used, which are 2-sided round hammers

- vacation or felling mark of the master of the forestry plot or forestry technician (they have impressions - on one side there is a 5-pointed star with a number inside it is a leave mark, on the other - letters SP - unauthorized cutting, with a number under them - cutting mark)

- the leave and control marks of the assistant forester (on one side the letter P is the leave mark, on the other K is the control mark)

- vacationer's and control stamps of the forester (on one side the letter P - vacation stamps, on the other K - control stamps)

- the control mark of the engineer for the protection and protection of the forest in the leshoz or timber industry enterprise (the letter I is on one side and K is on the other)

- The qualifying mark of the master leskhoz. site or forestry technician (on both sides of the letter RU with a number below them)

- qualifying stamp of the assistant forester (on both sides of the letter RU)

The numbers on the marks indicate the number of the forestry site. All stigmas are equal in importance to state. seals are subject to strict accounting and storage. Transfer of stamps to other persons without a written order of the director of the leshoz (timber industry) is prohibited.
The stamps are placed on growing trees - at the height of the chest (1.3 m from the soil level) and at the root neck (usually on the root paw of trees); on harvested wood - at the end of logs and individual logs in woodpiles; on stumps - at their butt. Growing trees are stigmatized when selecting trees for thinning (thinning, clear-cutting), selective sanitary and main-use cuttings (gradual and selective), when cutting seed trees (which have fulfilled their purpose) and free-standing ripe trees.
Harvested wood is stigmatized with a vacation mark when the wood is released to the population and other small loggers. The stigma denoted means permission for the export of wood if the ticket collectors have a logging or logging order. With unauthorized felling of trees, stumps and wood are stigmatized when it is found in an intruder.

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