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"Stamp of welder"

Stamp of welder

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QUALITY CONTROL and UNIQUENESS - three words that characterize all Temp Stamp products! Stamp of welder is a mandatory attribute of highly qualified welder, who works with important building systems and structures. Years of experience on construction sites, allowed finding a way out of the problems of failure of systems in the construction of new projects. The use of the Stamp of welder at the construction site allows to improve the quality of personnel management, increase understanding of personal responsibility for the job, and minimize defects at construction sites. So, the Stamp of welder allows you to find the worker who made a defect in the weld. When production requires a thorough check of the quality of welds, it is necessary to prepare the welder for work in a certain professional position. This means that the welder must have certain knowledge about the metal, methods of welding, as well as a certificate and the stamp . The manufacture of the Stamp of welder , as well as the impact stamp, is based on the use of modern technologies. Temp Stamp specialists use only high quality tool steel, which, after hardening, has sufficient hardness. In general, the Stamp of welder is a steel rod. The organization logo, digital or letter designation is applied to the end.
Technology for manufacturing impact stamps
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