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"Stamp "Sign GOST R""

Stamp "Sign GOST R"

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The stamp GOST R Sign - the stamp of conformity of goods to domestic GOST, sometimes it is called the Rostest Sign. This stamp is placed on products subject to indispensable standardization in the GOST R certification. The rules for applying the mark and its design are described in GOST R 50460-92.

GOST R sign is applied depending on the product, on the product itself, on the packaging, on special. tag, or in the documentation (passport, instruction). The certificate that is in the system certification GOST R registers for a product or service , denoted by a certificate of conformity. The names “quality certificate of the Russian standard” and “safety certificate” are also used to denote this certificate. In 2003, the RF Law On Technical Regulation came into force , which introduced amendments to the standardization system. For some types of goods, according to the adopted technical regulations, now it is necessary to draw up a document of compliance with the requirements of the technical regulations.

GOST R - Indicates the State Standard of Russia (new standards adopted after the collapse of the USSR).
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