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"Stamp "Sign STB"

Stamp Sign STB

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Width: 40;Length: 40;Drawings or signs applied to the packaging or a specific product to confirm conformity of the quality of the goods with the requirements of a standard, as well as to confirm the certification of certain products, compliance with technical or regulatory documents, are the Marks of conformity . In the Republic of Belarus, the compliance mark is the STB sign . This stamp is a mark of conformity of quality in the Belarusian certification system. BelST certification system was created on the basis of the law On certification of products, works and services, currently in force in the Republic of Belarus. This system provides for both mandatory and voluntary certification of products. Product certification tests are carried out in the testing laboratories of accredited testing centers. The work of these centers is coordinated by the Belarusian State Institute of Standardization and Certification (BelGISS). All products that have passed the test are certified and marked by the STB sign . Conformity mark is applied to the non-removable part of the product or to packaging, documentation or packaging. The enterprise that has received the right to use it establishes the place where the conformity mark is applied. Our company is engaged in the manufacture of stamp sign STB . Made from high-quality wear-resistant metal, the stamp sign STB will serve you for a very long time. With proper use, the mark can produce more than 1000 prints. Our experts can make the stamp sign STB of any size, which will allow you to put it on goods with different sizes. The stamp sign STB is applied to products by impact. The stamp sign STB confirms the conformity of labeled products to the safety requirements of the certification system of the Republic of Belarus.
Manufacturing technology of impact stamps
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