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"QCD stamp"

QCD stamp

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Width: 20; Length: 100; At any enterprise, there is a unit that accepts the manufactured product in order to carry out technical control. A product that has passed inspection is marked in accordance with the special Quality Control Department stamp , which guarantees compliance with the declared requirements for it. Requirements for the product based on regulatory, technological and design documentation. The most common material for the QCD stamp is steel. We use the tool die and tool carbon steel to make QCD stamps . Instruments and tools made from these grades of steel are characterized by the highest degree of strength and resistance to abrasion. We suggest you to purchase the QCD stamp of excellent quality from us, and with this tool you can mark almost all metals and alloys. QCD stamp is a metal bar with the highest degree of hardness of its working surface. The degree of hardness of the impact surface must be lower, in order to avoid splitting of this area during operation. Varying the degree of hardening of the working surface, according to the standards, should remain within 55-60 HRC, and the hardening of the impact part should be about 33-38 HRC. QCD marks on the product prove that the products have passed control by the technology division.
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