Veterinary stamp "Boar -ПП" (Rectangular). 00-01022536 - buy in the TempStamp online store at good prices!
"Veterinary stamp "Boar -ПП" (Rectangular)"

Veterinary stamp "Boar -ПП" (Rectangular)

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Width: 20;Length: 50;Regardless of what kind of meat you eat every day, it must be of high quality, fresh, have mandatory branding and stamps. Only in this case will meat products be passed on for processing or for market sale. As a rule, a single ыефьз Preliminary inspection is not enough to send meat for sale or recycling. There are many other stamps, which determine the nature and composition of the product. The meat can be sent “for canned food” , “for cooked sausage”, etc. d. Experienced experts of the veterinary and sanitary service carefully check the products. These experts are responsible for the safety and quality of the product to wholesale and private customers. Veterinary stamp “Boar-ПП is placed on fresh boar meat. In this case, “ПП” means “industrial processing”. In 1992, Instructions for veterinary stamping of meat was introduced. With the help of this instruction, meat suppliers and independent experts determine its character and put a certain stamp. If meat products meet all quality standards and established standards, they are branded and this carcass can be sent for industrial processing and sale in the form of finished products. The Veterinary “Boar-ПП stamp can lose its quality as an exact stamp. You need to replace it and buy a new one. Since representatives of the veterinary sanitary service and other experts deal with large quantities of meat every day, sooner or later each stamp needs to be changed. You can order this product from the manufacturer or at a specialized point of sale. You can buy Boar-ПП veterinary stamp in our company TempStamp . We are a reliable and professional manufacturer of these products. We guarantee the high quality of each stamp and the availability of goods in stock. At any convenient time, go to the site, select a stamp to order the required quantity of this product at competitive prices. The stamp has a rectangular shape and dimensions of 50x20 mm. This product is manufactured under strict standards and regulations. It can be used both in the private and in the business sector. You can always brand your products and provide them to other wholesale or private customers.
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