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"Veterinary stamp ""Deer meat"" (Rectangular)"

"Veterinary stamp ""Deer meat"" (Rectangular)"

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"Width: 20;Length: 50;For the safety of life and human health, it is very important to understand that any meat and any meat products, regardless of the type of agricultural or wild animal, must be branded. The same goes for poultry. Branding is made by special veterinary stamps. It is also worth noting that all these stamps are selected depending on the condition and type of meat. For example, rectangular stamps. This stamp has an exact indication of what should be done with the meat product provided and its type. It is expressed in the special embossed inscription "Horse meat" , Veterinary stamp "Deer meat" (Rectangular), "Bear meat" and other species. As each of those marks has special stamp, so marking is carried out with certain rules and regulations. According to the rules, on any carcass or half carcass there is a Veterinary stamp "Deer meat" (Rectangular)on the right side of the brand. But even this is not all labeling rules must necessarily indicate how old the carcass is. Young deer are marked with the letter M. Younger are marked with MM. The youngest - with the letter "O". In the event that the veterinarian checks the carcasses and half-carcasses with defects after processing, then the "ПП" sign is placed next to the mark. A defect is stripping, disruption, subcutaneous, fat above normal. Each stamp presented on our website in this section is performed according to strict requirements. All parameters of the plate, the thickness of the letters and strokes are regulated by the Instructions for veterinary stamping of meat. And in contrast to high quality, we have affordable prices. "
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