Frequently asked Questions

General issues

1. Are you a real organization?

Yes, we have been working in Moscow for 3 years. You can come to visit us at:
На Яндексе
На Гугле
2. How to make an order? Can I order by phone?

We can not take an order by phone. To place an order there are several ways:

1. Select the product on our website and click the "Buy" button. For some products, you can select additional or required options. And almost always you will have to upload your cliche layout. Fill in the contact information and we will call you back soon.
2. Send an email to and describe your order in detail. It is necessary to indicate the contact telephone number, address and delivery method, specify the material, dimensions and features of the future product. Attach the layout, sketch or photo of the desired product.
3. And what if tomorrow I break (burn, crack, melt ...) cliche?

WARRANTIES are distributed to all products we manufacture.
Please note that the warranty does not apply to heating elements, consumables, equipment.
4. And where is the guarantee that my personal data will not fall into the CIA, the FSB ..?

We do not distribute personal data about our customers to third parties or organizations.
More details can be found here.

Technical issues

1. I can not come up with a logo. I would like your designer's advice.

Yes, we will help. Write your wishes on the logo, and our designer will fulfill it in accordance with all the requirements for cliches.
2. What you need to order cliches?

  1. You need to send to our  the layout of the cliche in the maximum resolution. 
  2. Specify the height and width of your cliche.
  3. Describe your wishes in the most detail.
Stages of manufacturing cliche.
3. What is included in the rendering of the layout? Do you have a designer’s service to design a stamp design? How much is this service?

To draw a layout means to translate a raster image (jpg, png, gif) into a vector one. The vector image is the starting material for making cliches on the machine. Yes, we have our own designers who will design a stamp from scratch, according to your sketch, or draw any graphic files in accordance with the technical requirements of our production department. This means that you can send any graphic files to our mail, describe in detail all the requests and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

                              Эскиз                                                                                                                 Макет

Эскиз клишеСложный макетМакет клише
A rather complex layout, many changes, selection of fonts, drawing - 2000 rub.


Эскиз клеймаПростой макетМакет клейма

A simple layout which takes no more than an hour - 600 rub.


Чертеж клейма

The most competent option. According to your drawing, we can make cliches with maximum precision. The cost of rendering such a layout is 500 rubles. In any case, we calculate the cost of rendering the layout based on the cost of the designer's work 600 rubles per hour. Please note that we consider changes to the rendered layout as an additional service, which is charged separately.


4. In what format can I send a mockup cliche?

We make cliches using PostScript, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw. You can send files in formats:
  • .eps
  • .ai
  • .cdr
  • .pdf
Layout must be in one layer. Vectors must be closed. The minimum distance between the lines is 0.31 mm. If the files are of high quality and do not contain errors, we will immediately proceed to the production of cliches in metal. If you are not able to provide us with such files, then send your sketch in any graphic file.
Most often these are file formats:
  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .bmp
  • .doc
But in this case, our designers will have to draw a mock-up of cliches on your sketch. Zoom in and out the image only proportionally. Usually such work costs from 600 rub.
5. Are there any restrictions on making cliches?

Our technology for making dummies and subsequent metalworking is limited to the following frames:
  • Minimum line thickness - 0.5 mm
  • The maximum size of a brass cliche is 800x600 mm, where the figure is 790x590 mm
  • The minimum size of the brass cliche - 15x15 mm
  • Milling depth depends on the thickness of the brass sheet and your needs. Most often it is 2 mm
  • We work with sheets of thickness 10; 12 mm
6. And you can see how it all looks in the collection?

You can see samples of our products in the "Gallery" section.
7. And what is the installation? In changing the sting on the soldering iron? If so, is it possible to exclude this procedure from the list?

By installation we mean attaching a cliche to a snap. In general, the snap is a metal pin or wooden handle. It is also possible to manufacture fasteners for industrial equipment, various machines and fasteners. You can send us a drawing of the necessary fasteners or order a standard one (M8 thread).
8. Which tree can I burn?

Cliche for burning our production is suitable for any wood. However, some restrictions need to be considered:
  • To get fine lines and fine print, the surface must be smooth and even
  • To eliminate the burning of wood at the edges of the stamp, you need to choose the right temperature and time of burning, which are chosen experimentally.
  • For burning on curved surfaces, a 3-D brand is useful.
9. I want to order a stamp for burning for a wooden business card holder with a company logo and a burning service. If so, how much will it cost?

We recommend using laser burning to burn individual items. It is much cheaper and more accurate than burning with cliches. The estimated cost can be calculated using a cliche calculator and laser engraving calculator.
10. What information should be on phytosanitary, veterinary stamp?

The answer to this question can be found in the article, as well as on the page Phytosanitary stamp and Veterinary stamp.
11. Can you make a stamp for extruding the logo on the cardboard?

Yes, we make stamps for stamping cardboard. Yes, we make stamps for stamping cardboard. It can be both manual and with a mounting for the press.
12. We need a stamp on the metal, the amount to find out after the approval of the drawing. The size of the stigma, you need a small, round or square does not matter, but preferably round. Dimensions 2x4 mm, the image of the stamp let it be an asterisk. If possible, I wanted to get a photo or a drawing.

This is a very good question. Let's take it in order.
1. In order for us to make a shock stamp that will serve you for a long time, and at the same time will not be expensive, we need to know what kind of metal you will brand.
There are three options:
  • Soft metals - aluminum, copper, brass, as well as plastics, wood, and other materials. Steel stamps are suitable for these materials.
  • Steel, structural steel, raw steel. These materials need tempered steel
  • Alloy steel, hardened steel. For stamping materials with a hardness above 55 HRC hard carbide impact marks are required.
2. The dimensions of the stamps are set by GOST and we try to comply with them. Offsets are possible with non-standard orders. In any case, we will take into account your wishes.
3. To make a stamp, we need a layout in vector graphics. You can provide it to us, or for an additional fee, our master will draw a layout for any picture. In your case - send a picture of the star you like, and we will calculate the cost and production time.
4. After agreeing on the layout and payment, we proceed to the manufacture of the product in the metal. Photos of products can be viewed in our gallery of works.
13. Is it possible to see examples of work? Will the print be clear? Thin places (which should not be burned) will not darken?

The quality of the cliche depends on the layout and the machine. All models are checked by our designer, and our machines allow you to engrave with an accuracy of 0.1mm. This accuracy covers all the needs of our customers. In order not to burn and darken areas on which there should not be an impression - you need to select the desired temperature. It depends on the material and the easiest to use a heater with a thermostat. And examples of our work can be seen in the gallery of works.
14. What about the service life and after what time the small letters start to blur?

WARRANTIES are distributed to all products we manufacture. Depending on the composition, the melting point of brass reaches 880–950 ° C, but for burning, we heat the brass cliche to no more than 500 degrees. Therefore, the letters do not begin to melt with proper operation.
15. What kind of cliche material do you use? Will it not leave traces of metal on the skin when struck?

We use brass brand LS64-2, L70. Steel grades 9HS, U8A. Brass does not leave marks if there are no foreign substances on the surface of the stamp. If you do not use the brand for a long time, oxide may appear on it, which can be easily removed with acid solution or abrasive. Steel may rust when improperly stored, but is also cleaned with abrasives and rust converters. In automotive stores there are always similar substances. But all these tools you will not need if you use the brand regularly, and will protect it from corrosion.
16. I need a stamp of embossing on the skin with my logo, but without a heater. Usually such tools are made of steel. Can you make such a stamp?

We make brass and steel stamps with any pattern. Most likely you need a steel stamp in the form of a rod with a logo on the end. We can make such a stigma. Examples of our work can be found here.
17. I need to make a beautiful embossing on the skin and suede with or without foil. What will the stamping look like?

First of all, embossing on the skin depends on the material itself. On smooth and even skin, the embossing is beautiful in most cases. This also applies to foil stamping.
тиснение кожитиснение кожи фольгой

In the case of such material as suede need to experiment. The embossing is beautiful, but it requires a large pressing force. But stamping with foil should be done with a short nap. тиснение замши
But consider foil stamping should be performed on the skin in places not prone to bending, twisting and stretching. It destroys the foil.
18. Please tell me the method of applying stamps for euro pallets with your stamps. Is it possible to make an incandescent electric system for them?

The technology of marking by burning on wooden surfaces is quite simple. The metal stamp is heated to a temperature of about 400 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, even a brief contact with a wooden surface leaves a clear mark. The main thing is to press the stamp strictly perpendicular to the marked surface. The time and force of the clamp is determined empirically for each material separately. It is useful to practice on scraps or defective parts.
19. And what is the heater for?

Hot cliche quickly and accurately leaves a noticeable mark on many materials such as leather, wood, plastic, paper. And while it does not need much pressure. And if the heater is equipped with digital thermoregulation, then it also allows you to adjust to the material. We use powerful soldering tools to heat the cliche. The heater is a certified electrical appliance, and it does not require special operating skills. It fits most thermoclice. In the case when the heater can not warm up the cliche, we use the heater for cliches with a digital thermostat.
20. What is the difference between brass, magnesium and steel clich?

We choose the material of the stamp depending on the purpose and conditions of use. For example, abrass or magnesium stamp will suit a master in a pottery workshop because their hardness is much higher than clay, but these metals do not oxidize in the moist environment of a workshop. And for a warehouse of pallets, a steel stamp resistant to falling and mechanical damage by nails, etc. is better suited. Considerable mechanical forces can be applied to such products without damaging the working surface, fasteners and heater. But at the same time it after work needs to be stored in a dry place, preferably in oiled paper. For open areas with pallets and other places of operation of outdoor stamps in wet areas, we recommend stamps from non-ferrous metals.
The amount of quality prints that can be made depends on the stiffness of the stigma. Stamps and punches for industrial use are made of hardened alloyed steel and can withstand tens of thousands of cycles, and for the master of the tanner, a hand stamp made from high-grade steel that will last him more than one year will do. And not least its price will be low. In any case, specify the purpose and conditions of operation and we will offer you the best option.
21. Can you make a cliche for burning on a semicircular tree, meaning for drawing on a round stick (Cylindrical surface)?

Yes, we can make a stamp with a radial surface. Moreover, we can make a stamp in the form of a curved surface, concave, convex, with different heights of letters or parts of the pattern. Restrictions can be only on extremely small radii of stamps less than 10 mm. To perform a curved stigma in metal, we may require a drawing or a detailed sketch. This is caused by possible discrepancies in the representation of such a cliche by you and our master. If it is simpler to say, send the most accurate picture of the future stamp, and describe in as much detail as possible where and how it will be applied. After that we will provide a 3D model for approval and proceed to manufacture. Samples of our work.
22. We have wooden trays, and we want to stamp our logo on them ourselves. We want to heat this stamp on the fire, and leaning against the tray, burn the image. Can you do something like that?

Yes, we will make such a stigma. It looks like this. Pay attention to the fact that heating the stigma on a fire, in a roaster or on coals, it is difficult to control the temperature. This makes it difficult to repeat prints, and requires some experience. It is much easier to use electric and gas heaters for cliches.
23. Tell me, is it possible to make a stamp in order to put an imprint on the fabric?

We make stamps for fabric and other soft materials. We can make a metal flat stamp, a soft silicone stamp or a wooden stamp. Each of them is suitable for specific tasks. Specify in the order the purpose and operating conditions and we will offer you the best option. Pay attention to our new product - Embossing roller is suitable for applying repetitive ornaments and texts.
24. Interested in the possibility of making cliches capable of performing 5-10 million burns.

Such a resource, obviously of industrial scale, is able to withstand only a cliche of increased hardness. In this case, we recommend a steel stamp made by electric erosion, followed by quenching. Such a cliche can be used daily as a shock in industrial presses, and for burning and embossing soft materials its resource will last an order of magnitude longer. We can also make a replaceable brass or steel cliche for your equipment. In this case, it will be possible to quickly change the stamps for repair, replacement or for applying another pattern.
25. I want to put pictures on the skin of the belt. I was interested in the embossing video. Please explain:
- Technology drawing roller pattern on the skin. Will additional equipment be required?
- Is it possible to make a roller cliche for applying convex patterns on the skin according to my sketches and by my sizes.
- What is the internal diameter of the roller?

1. Technology drawing drawing roller is embossed. The roller can be placed on a manual snap-in or a hand press. For mass production, it makes sense to use a rolling mill..
2. We can make a roller according to your drawings with any pattern. We can adapt it to your equipment..
3. The internal diameter of the roller, we will do according to the technical specifications.
26. Stamp for stamping foil on the skin. How to use it and what it is?

The stamp for foil stamping on the skin is a brass cliche with which is heated by a soldering iron or other heater and by means of embossing transfers a layer of special typographic foil to the skin. The process of foil stamping is not complicated. We place the skin on a flat solid surface. From above we put a sheet of foil in a shiny layer downwards, the foil should protrude beyond the edges of the stamp by 1 cm. With the stamp heated to a temperature of 200-250 ° C, we press the folk against the skin. The embossing force and temperature are chosen empirically, based on the density of the skin. The pressure on the skin should be strictly perpendicular to its surface.
27. I want to order a stamp, but how to understand it will be in direct or mirror reflection?

When you send a picture of a future stamp, by default we consider it a model of a future print, i.e. the pattern that you see on the material after stamping or burning. After our designer will produce a computer model of the future stamp, we will send it to your mail for approval.
It looks like this:

You will see the image of the cliche in the metal, the appearance and dimensions of the future print. In this case, we will ask you to agree on this layout. With this action we disclaim responsibility for possible errors in the layout, and we will produce a cliche, the layout of which you approved with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. Please note - claims on the layout after approval are not accepted.
28. How to choose a cliche heater?

Use the table. And also to determine the power of the heater, use the calculator
30. We are a small private workshop on wood and are faced with the need for product branding. The quality of the prints is extremely important: you need a stamp so that the customer wants to buy the product because of the stamp itself.

Некачественное выжиганиеКачественное выжигание
The appearance of burning depends on the material, surface structure, temperature of the stamp and in many respects from the experience of the person who works with burning. In the above pictures, two main drawbacks are that the stamp is too hot and the layouts of the stamps are made with wide lines with small intervals. That is why there is a burning edge and the pattern "floats". In the second picture there are no problems. We advise when preparing the layout to make the gaps between elements greater than 0.5 mm and the thickness of the lines of the element itself.
31. How long can a cliche warm up so that it can be used? And how long does the burning itself take place?
Cliche heats up in about 10-20 minutes. After this, the intervals between burning are about 10-20 seconds. Burning process

Questions of payment and shipping

1. Do you ship to Antananarivo?

МWe will send the order to any place in the world where there is a mail message. Outside the Russian Federation sending is carried out by Russian Post.
2. How long should I wait for an order?

The term of production of your order is 5 working days, from the moment of receipt of funds and approval of the layout.
Delivery in Moscow is carried out within 1-3 business days after making the order.
Delivery times to other regions of Russia depend on the delivery times of the Russian Post or a transport company. Approximately 5-20 days.
Abroad expected delivery time 15-60 days.
And the fastest way is to pick up your order from the pickup point at this address.
As soon as the order is ready we will contact you.
3. How much is shipping?

With our rates and terms of delivery can be found on the page "Payment \ Delivery".
The approximate cost of sending a parcel weighing up to 1 kg by Russian Post is 250 rub.
Мы не взымаем плату за доставку до Russian Post, Business lines and QIWI POST Terminals. In case of delivery ordering by postal services, you pay only the tariff of the respective organization.
4. Can I pay the order courier upon receipt?

No, we are working on full or 50% prepayment. This is due to the significant cost of our products.
5. What are the possible payment methods? Do you work by bank transfer?

We accept payment in payment systems:
  • - Yandex money
  • - WebMoney
  • - QIWI Wallet
  • - Payment using payment terminals
  • - Prepay to the account
  • - VISA, MasterCard, Maestro Cards
More about payment methods.
6. You work under the contract?
Yes, we have a standard cliche contract.
We can also use your form.

7. What reporting documents do you provide?
For individuals commodity and cash voucher. For jur. persons original invoice invoice and invoice.

8. Hello, when will my order arrive and how will I know that it is already at the post office?

When sending an order by Russian Post or transport companies, each parcel is assigned a track number. To track the movement of your package, enter this track number in the corresponding window on the delivery service website and you will receive information about the location and possible arrival time of the order. отследить посылкуотследить посылку
9. How much is the stigma 20x30 mm?

Calculate the approximate cost of a cliche, and you can choose the appropriate soldering iron using the Calculator.
10. Does the price correspond to reality on a cliche calculator?

калькуляторе клише
Our managers use this calculator when calculating the cost of stamps, with the exception of non-standard orders. The prices in the calculator are not a public offer, but in general, they coincide with the reality.

Fun questions

1. Your soldering iron can be used for its intended purpose?

We no longer offer soldering irons. Here you will find heaters. But they also do an excellent job with cryptanalysis)
2. And what's the truth you yourself are working on the machines, or you are dragging from China?

Yes. We all produce ourselves on an individual order. Moreover, you can look at the work of CNC machine tools, in real time.