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"Veterinary square stamp (Second category)"

Veterinary square stamp (Second category)

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Width: 40;Length: 40;The production and sale of meat products requires strict order and accounting. Everything should be noted and verified. When a new batch of meat arrives at the experts, they check it for contamination of dangerous viruses and parasites, establish the quality of fresh meat. These data make it possible to establish for the production of which sausages and meat products a fresh batch of product is suitable. If an animal is infected, it receives a special stigma and then the expert group decides on utilization, processing or further industrial processing of meat. Each carcass must receive more than one brand before it is sent to a particular production or to market sale. The stamp marks not only the disease or contamination of the carcass, but also the level of fatness. For example, beef, veal and pork are labeled 1st category (round stamp , 2nd category (square stamp and skinny carcass (triangular brand) . This is a special designation, thanks to which wholesalers and other sellers of meat products are aware of the level of fatness of a particular carcass. Important information, which should also be noted not only documentary, but also in fact, with the help of a stamp. Experienced specialists will be able to determine the category of fatness of each individual animal and assign them a specific category. After that, the further route of the carcass will be determined. It can be sent for the manufacture of sausages, for the production of canned food or for smoking. Ultimately, there should be several characters on the carcass, each of which has its own meaning. You can order a veterinary square stamp (Second category) in our company. The site presents the exact product that you can order in any quantity. This product is manufactured in accordance with all necessary standards and norms. It has dimensions of 30x30 mm. You will be able to use this stamp in accordance with all the rules of the Instructions for veterinary stamping of meat. If your company needs a new brand, order this product in our company TempStamp. As a rule, all products are in stock. Own production allows at any time to produce a square veterinary stamp (Second category) of high quality. Contact us! By working directly with the manufacturer, you can save money and buy quality products.
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