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""Waste" veterinary stamp (Rectangular)"

"Waste" veterinary stamp (Rectangular)

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Width: 40;
Height: 6;
Length: 70;
In the modern world, a person needs to have enough strength and health to ensure a decent life. A healthy and high-quality diet will help to gain strength. Unfortunately, in times of environmental pollution, it’s quite difficult to keep track of the quality of food. This is monitored by the state veterinary service, the purpose of which is to monitor the quality of the incoming meat product and in case of marriage - to eliminate the bad condition product. Meat verification takes place at the stages when the animal is imported into the slaughter area, and after this procedure and receiving the product ready for sale, the meat is checked for safety. If it receives a positive assessment - it is subject to subsequent sale. But if the product does not meet the requirements of the Legislation, it should be eliminated.
The check is carried out by a veterinary, who puts a stamp on the meat, informing about its condition, after all procedures. The form of the mark can be either oval or rectangular - this informs about the type of product verification. Oval stamp contains information about the name of the verification service and its form, there are also six digits, divided in two - the first pair means the order number of the republic within the Russian Federation, the second pair is the serial number of the city, and the third is the number of the institution where the check was held.
As for the rectangular veterinary stamp, it carries information about the subsequent use of the meat product: digestion, regrinding of the fat product, transferring meat to sausages and more. But much less pleasant stamps that indicate the discovered violations and diseases in meat: Foot and mouth disease , Finnosis , Tuberculosis ,Waste. There are also other names for these stamps that indicate the type of meat or its purpose, which is equally important. The veterinary stamp Waste indicates an unsatisfactory condition of the meat, possible infection or spoiled condition. In any case, the fate of this product is one - no access to sale and disposal. Thanks to the veterinary check and the Stamp Waste , only high-quality and fresh meat that meets all the rules and regulations of the Russian legislation is on sale, and the buyer can be calm for his health . On our site you can buy a rectangular stamp, measuring 70 x 40 x 6 mm at an attractive price on favorable terms.
Eat quality food and stay healthy!
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