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"Veterinary stamp "For meat loaf" (Rectangular)"

Veterinary stamp "For meat loaf" (Rectangular)

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Width: 40;Length: 70;The veterinary service is responsible for the quality of the meat that consumers acquire from the markets and stores. There is a specially prescribed instruction that indicates norms and rules of this process. All types of meat are labeled, everyone passes quality control, after which they receive their own special stamp, which determines the level of product quality. The list of a large number of different stamps contains the Veterinary stamp For meat loaf (Rectangular). This is a special type of stamp that is used exclusively in the labeling of meat and byproducts . Also, products labeled in this way indicate that in the future they are subject to neutralization and sent for processing. Various sausages or other meat products are produced from such a product. It should be noted that rectangular stamps have different markings and in accordance with this indicates the order of use of meat . All of these standards and indicators are consistent with those of the veterinary or sanitary services. The rectangular veterinary stamp is established by the standards and has a size of 40x60 millimeters, and the inscription “Vetservice” is located in the upper part. In the center of such a stamp is the inscription “Preliminary inspection”. At the bottom there must be three pairs of double-digit numbers. Such a rectangular stamp indicates that the meat was obtained after processing an animal that underwent a veterinary examination while still on the farm. However, it is important to understand that this stamp does not give the right to open sale of meat. Even with a rectangular seal, it is necessary to conduct a full veterinary examination. It is very important to pay attention to the center of such a stamp, where the type of neutralization is indicated: Finnosis , ask for foot and mouth disease , Tuberculosis , Stamp directing meat to Waste. Thus, it is very important to know each stamp and put it in full accordance with all rules and regulations . Three numbers affixed to the stamp indicate the serial number of the republic, the serial number of the district, and the serial number of the organization. All stamps are issued with permission.
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